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Behind the Scenes

4 Things You Didn't Know About Banneya London


1. Amazing Customisation: This is the cornerstone of Banneya – each one of the products available on our website can be customised and previewed on screen before being bought. From the gold to the stones, customers can create their favourite piece of jewellery and see it come to life immediately. This is just the beginning, though! Customers can also get additional customisation options – bigger, better and more stones, changing components and adding embellishments easily by contacting us at customercare@banneya.com or on 0207 117 6039 where they will always find one of our jewellery experts on hand to help them design their own version of the pieces on the website.

2. Gifting of the Future: Banneya is the store of the future – and as such we are changing the face of jewellery gifting culture. By allowing customers to be part of the creative journey, we are ensuring that Banneya fine jewellery is always more than a simple ornament. Whether the gift-giver customises the piece or the recipient creates the jewel he or she wants to wear, the Banneya London experience is one of a kind. With a jewellery expert always close at hand reachable by phone or by email, our attention to detail and love for all things beautiful mean an unparalleled gift experience.

3. Constant Innovation: Here at Banneya, we are always looking for something new – not only in terms of design and designers but also in design processes, craftsmanship, stone setting and much, much, more. As a luxury tech start-up, we are free to make audacious and bold choices without restriction and as such are perfectly placed to innovate. Our designers trust us to use the best of craft and creativity to make their idea come to life, and our customers trust us to produce beautifully made to order, customised fine jewellery.

4. International Outlook: The team is based in London but we come from countries as near as France and as far as the Philippines and are lucky to have 10 nationalities on our staff. Our 2 co-founders alone represent 4 of the 10 – British, Indian, French and Lebanese. We speak Tagalog, French, Arabic, Gujarati, Lithuanian, Hindi, Spanish, German and Italian and are truly grateful to have English to unite us! Our designers hail from Canada to Brazil via Italy and Germany and always find that one of us can understand their idiosyncracies! We are a true melting pot of cultures, food and music which make Banneya a great place to work if we say so ourselves!

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