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Behind the Scenes

A Technical Sneak Peek into Plating

As the Banneya platform expands, so does our need to for more customisation options! Just as we are constantly looking for new designers to collaborate with, we are also always looking for new ways to customise, personalise and put you at the centre of the creative journey. To do this, we are working on multiplying our plating options for most of our 18 carat pieces. We are talking rhodium plating (which is one of the most precious plating metals, but more on this later) options that will hopefully meet your wildest jewellery dreams.


But, what exactly is plating you ask? This process is common practice within the jewellery industry and always enhances the features of a particular jewellery piece. Here at Banneya, always work with the highest of skilled jewellery specialist professionals to carry out our plating.

Plating or electroplating if we’re to get technical, is a process in which particles are taken from a precious metal and uniformly bonded to the surface of a piece of jewellery. The pieces are immersed in an acid solution bath through which an electrically charged current runs and when stirred, the piece of jewellery attracts the tiny fragments of precious metal. In our case, we plate 18 carat pieces with Rhodium.   


Naturally coming in shades of white, Rhodium is a precious and hypoallergenic metal, which also adds durability to the jewellery it covers. In addition to these features, we chose to work with Rhodium because it heightens and compliments product design features, whilst also introducing newness and optionality. Not only does Rhodium bring further value to your jewellery but it also has the ability to intensify the colour of the precious stones. In our eyes, this intensification creates a seamless relationship between the stones and the metal.


Another benefit of Rhodium – it really is the choice for plating connoisseurs – is its ability to take on colour. By applying a coloured pigment in the plating process, Rhodium can change the colour of a piece to black, blue, red, and brown and less commonly in green. We love it and our designers love it because it offers our clients considerably more optionality. So, it’s the perfect choice.


Without giving too much away, the next customisation feat Banneya plans to take on is nano-ceramic plating and cold enamelling. So, in line with our platform ethos and, as always driven by our client’s freedom of choice, expect endless colour decisions coming your way.

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