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Behind the Scenes

Designer On-Boarding

Banneya London unconditionally relies upon a two-way relationship between us and our designers. Our designers provide us with their innovation and unique design style – which we adore – and we help to turn their designs into fully wearable and marketable pieces of customisable fine jewellery. You could say that we are but two peas in one pod!

 The Banneya platform is a living organism of collaboration.

 We see ourselves as an ever-evolving platform which always develops and always expands. We develop in the sense that we welcome new ideas and new projects from different sources of design and we expand by disrupting the way in which fine jewellery is purchased. With a growing number of designers under our belt from traditional jewellers to contemporary high fashion brands, there is no limit to the potential of our collaborations.

vanessadome.jpg#asset:10524The lightbulb moment

We understand that the Banneya customer expects high quality customisable fine jewellery that they can make their own. We love the fact that we are able to reach many customers with quality and craftsmanship as our guiding lights. We love the fact that we offer the whole design spectrum on our platform – from edgy and unusual designers like Gisele Ganne to more classic and delicate jewellery from Flora Bhattachary. We are always looking for more designers, curating our offer to satisfy all our clients.

The talent

Talent, I believe, is most likely to be found among non-conformists, dissenters, and rebels. – David Ogilvy

One of the main ways we find new designers to collaborate with are the global fashion weeks and tradeshows, especially London, Paris and Milan. These events bring together the very best of the best, the top dogs, the crème de la crème of designers – you get what we mean. They allow us to view the work of jewellery, fashion and accessory designers and understand how they could create designs for us that could be translated into customisable fine jewellery. They also give us the opportunity to speak to these designers and share our story and hear theirs. This has recently resulted in a few collaborations which we are very excited to announce soon so watch this space…!  

Another key event for us is attending the Royal College of Art and Central St. Martins graduate shows. Here, we get to see the best emerging talent redefining design and luxury! This so happened to be the route that led to our collaboration with jewellery duo Rathel & Wolf and a collection of bespoke Distal rings!

The team

Our creative team dedicates a large part of their time to finding, nurturing and signing up creative design businesses. Their experience in the luxury market is steeped in luxury, jewellery, fashion and retail. They have a keen eye for talent-spotting and love connecting with designers to enable them to create the best customisable fine jewellery collections.  

So, if you’re a designer wanting to try your hand at jewellery, get in touch with us using designers@banneya.com and if you are a jewellery lover like us, create your own on the Banneya website now.


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