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Allegra Hicks for Banneya London


Over here at Banneya, we are delighted to share that our latest collab is with a designer who has “An Eye For Design”, is award winning and globally celebrated. She has also been dubbed one of the ten best-dressed women in the world, so, with no further ado, please meet Allegra Hicks.

From her parents who loved modern architecture and art, Allegra inherited a passionate eye for design. After studying across Europe and working in New York, she launched her eponymous brand that now creates fabrics, rugs and a home collection. Allegra’s design vocabulary is very organic, inspired by nature and is as eclectic as it is cool.

Sometimes life connects you to people in a wonderfully organic way and meeting the Banneya team was very much like that. I am delighted with the results of our collaboration.

For Banneya London, she has designed a fine jewellery Olive Branch collection inspired by the Mediterranean, a delicate range that was born from the beauty of olive vines and branches. Much like her previous work, this collection takes inspiration from the organic shapes found in the natural world. The pieces are intricate, playful and interchangeable and of course can be customised to suit the wearer’s taste and preferences. Allegra pushed us to create not only jewellery customisable jewellery, but also modular jewellery that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. The playful chandelier earrings can be made more demure by removing the pavé leaves and worn casually, well, almost! The stacking ring will look great in an array of colours and stones.

During her last visit at Banneya HQ we were lucky enough to have a chat with Allegra who gave us some insight into her passion for design! Read on…


BL: What made you realise you wanted to pursue a career in design?

AH: I have always loved to draw, paint and sculpt, even as a child. There was never going to be anything else but a creative path for me and the visual arts were always the best way to express myself! After attending school I decided to focus on design because I realised it was not only art art but also useful. Design is a much more democratic approach to beauty which appeals to me - designing something that many can enjoy rather than producing a piece for only one person to enjoy.

BL: We love your book, what was your favourite part of putting it together?

AH: I wanted the book to have a musical rhythm as well as a visual depth. It was one of the most challenging and fun projects that I have done and the harmonious output has been a delight. I worked with a wonderful creative director to produce a beautiful, abstract book. I did not want it want it to be linked to a particular print design or piece of furniture, I wanted it to be about beauty in general. We achieved this by using the seasons as the creative framework for a meandering in colours.

BL: How did designing jewellery for Banneya differ to designing homewares or fabrics?

AH: Actually, what matters most for a designer is to own their vocabulary and create an esthetic that is there own, no matter the medium! With jewellery what was attractive was the extrapolation of a two dimensional design like the leaf drawing I designed for Banneya into a set of 3 dimensional products taking shape on the body. The proportions change in jewellery but in the end they could all be transformed into furniture and accessories. The chandelier earring could become a candlestick quite easily. I also had a lot of support from the Banneya team who were dedicated to bringing my vision to life.

Customise Allegra's collection now! 


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