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New Designers

Gisele Ganne for Banneya London


The newest designer to join our thriving line-up of collaborations is Gisele Ganne, a designer whose distinct style offers coolness to all our bold clients. Unlike most designers, her work is inspired by sorrows in life such as death or heartbreak. Her designs translate these experiences into pieces of jewellery that allow you to feel empowered and overcome hardships. So think chunky divorce knuckledusters, bedecked with colour.

After cutting her teeth at Stephen Webster, Gisele Ganne’s eponymous jewellery brand launched in 2008 and has since then, been worn by the likes of Lady Gaga and Ke$ha – to just name drop a few. With collections that riff on human skulls and witchy runes, her design recipe is fearless and bold yet masters intricate detailing.

To announce this collaboration, we asked Gisele to give us a sneak peek into her jewellery career… so continue reading to find out about our darkest collaboration yet.

I started Art school at 18 years old in the mindset of wanting to be a Walt Disney’s cartoonist. Experiences, internships and life made me change directions a few times until I ended up at the Royal College of Art in jewellery where I fell in love with jewellery and never looked back.


BL: Is there a certain meaning behind the concept of your jewellery?

GG: The “Gisele Ganne” jewellery brand was born from the desire to create pieces for the bad moments in life such as a death, break-up or divorce and to remember those moments and rise from them. So there is always a touch of macabre in my jewellery with a touch of glamour.

BL: What is your favourite part of your design process?

GG: I love my job. Every step of the design process is a delight. If I have to choose, the research part is probably the most exciting part, when an idea comes to life. And to see the final piece for the first time! It feels like Christmas each time!

BL: What attracted you to collaborate with Banneya London?

GG: I always wanted to create a gold collection so this collaboration is a good way to feel the water. I also like the concept of Banneya where the customer is able to customise their piece. It will be interested to see what colour-way combinations arise from it!

We can’t wait to update you with more Banneya news but in the meantime, let us know what you think about our new collaboration by using #BanneyaLondon.

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