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Lily Gabriella

Lily Gabriella’s jewellery is covetable and opulent with a contemporary edge. Her pieces are all designed for the discerning woman. Born in Rio de Janeiro and currently based in London, Lily graduated from the Gemological Institute of America in 2008 and worked in the jewellery department of prestigious auction house, Christie's in Geneva. There, she met acclaimed jewellery designer JAR, (Joel Arthur Rosenthal), who urged her to pursue her lifelong dream of creating a fine jewellery line. With such stellar endorsement, the decision to create a line of exquisite jewels was confirmed and Lily Gabriella was born.

I chose to work with Banneya because I found the concept very exciting and innovative – it is in complete alignment with the DNA of my brand which is to involve the customers in the creative process by allowing them to customize their favourite piece.
Lilly Gabriella

Lily’s design style exudes romantic femininity while simultaneously taking on intricate and sculptural shapes. She wove these characteristics that make her work so recognisable and unique into the Carambola collection. Inspired by Lily’s native Brazil, the collection takes on an organic shape that occurs in nature and transforms it into a perfect architectural motif. Lily’s Carambola drop earrings also tackle trends with their mismatched stones (mismatched earrings have been coined a top trend this season) so they’re sure to keep you on the cool set list.

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